Notes from FrenchKit 2017

FrenchKit 2017 was awesome. I recommend it to any iOS/Swift developer around.

I wrote many notes during the two days of the conference but I forgot to process them right afterwards when things were still fresh. Bummer.

Finally, I went through the notes today and decided to make a blog post out of them anyway. Raw and undetailed, 2018-style!

My favorite talks

Side note to mention that a big theme of the conference was code generation. It was frenquently quoted as something you should try out and be ready to use when relevant. I’m in.

What could be improved next time?

France, we need to become better public speakers

As you can see above, not a single French speaker made it to my favorite talks. This is hard to explain but for some reasons, French speakers are often nervous, awkward or even uncharismatic. I rarely gave public talks but when I did, these all applied to me as well. Not sure where this is coming from but fellow French developers, we need to address this! 🇫🇷💪

Let’s be better with jokes

I’m sick of jokes filled of condescending notes.

Core Data sucks (audience laughs)

Cocoapods sucks (audience laughs)

I don’t remember the exact jokes but I felt some were patronizing and misleading. Core Data and Cocoapods are awesome tools. They have flaws but nobody should be embarassed using them.

Also, enough with cat memes. As most overused material, they lost everything that made them cool/cute/funny in the first place.

My TODO list until FrenchKit 2018

Things I wrote but forgot what it was about

If you know what they could mean, please get in touch.

  1. Been bought by Apple since.

  2. The code is still missing today, not sure it will ever show up.