What fonts for iOS?

Deprecated! This article is embarrasingly out of date since adding a custom font to an app has been supported since iOS 3.2, and webfonts are now widely supported by browsers.

Fonts are a major element of webdesign. And when you talk about webdesign nowadays, you can’t just skip mobile devices. The problem is that iOS only comes with a limited numbers of fonts, and there is no way you can install new fonts on iOS devices. What can you do about that?

Fonts that are installed on iOS devices

First, you need to know what fonts are available with iOS. We are lucky, people already did that job and you can find fonts available for iOS at… iosfonts.com (notice that the iPad comes with more fonts than iPhone and iPod Touch).

Google can help

Then, you can use Google’s Font API service. It’s easy to use and Google provide quite a number of cool fonts (the list is here).

That’s what I used to update my online CV… that could not display Myriad Pro (the default font) on iOS devices:

This is what I had designed (using the font Myriad Pro):

Screenshot with Mac's Google Chrome using Myriad Pro

This is what was rendered on the iPad:

Screenshot with iPad where Myriad Pro is replaced by some default fonts

And this is what I finally got after replacing Myriad Pro by Google Fonts’s Kreon:

Screenshot with Google Chrome and iPad after changing the font to the Kreon webfont

CSS3 and Images can help too

Other solutions include: