It’s WWDC Wish List Season. Here is mine. Back to basics.

In the last week or so, I’ve experienced 3 different obvious bugs using 3 different Apple products. If you ask me, my top item for a WWDC wish list would be: let bring attentions to details back!

#1. The iPad bug: recently used emojis

Here is a screenshot of my frequently used emojis:

My frequently used keyboard with 6 duplicates appearing

Six duplicates and I don’t remember ever using this shower emoji 🚿.

#2. The iPhone bug: typographic glitch

Double space

I know putting two spaces after a punctuation is kind of a debate in the US, but wait a minute, no it isn’t. And certainly not within a date, nor in French.

#3. The Apple Watch bug: maths horror

Math horror from the native Apple Watch weather app

So, 13 ≤ 12 ≤ 20? 😱