JavaScript Operator Lookup

A pretty useful search tool of JavaScript operators.

As Josh W Comeau, its creator, puts it:

This nifty little project lets you type in or select a JavaScript operator, and it tells you about it!

I built this project because I was sick of forgetting what these blasted operators are called. Often I’ll remember the operator’s syntax, but not exactly how it works. I can’t use search engines to find out more about them, since they ignore “special characters”!

Perfect project to bookmark for when you need it.

Done. ✅


React TypeScript Cheatsheet

A collection of reminders and snippets on how to type things in React using TypeScript. The provided link points directly to the Forms and Events page since (a) it proved to be the most useful and (b) the homepage doesn’t pay tribute to the actual content of the site. s



Speculid links a single graphic file to an Image Set or App Icon and automatically renders different resolutions, file types, and sizes for all the image specifications required.


Which query should I use?

A simple reminder of which query to use when testing a React app with React Testing Library.

Some additional tips and guidelines can be found on Kent C. Dodd’s Common mistakes with React Testing Library blog post.


Why The Failure, Auto Layout?

A deciphering tool for Auto Layout error logs.

This site helps you visualize the conflicting constraints in the logs.