As a programmer, I create eco-conscious software with user-friendly design, embracing IndieWeb principles. I’m cautious with big corporations, upholding ethics and user rights. My goal is to produce durable and sustainable code, prioritizing maintainability and developer well-being. I respond swiftly to evolving challenges for impactful work in a changing tech landscape.

A longer version

Let me explain. There is a sense of uneasiness with the state of the world these days. After having the privilege to spend a fun and peaceful holiday season, I wanted to do a headcheck on where I stand with my role as a programmer and if I am aligned with my aspirations and values. So I decided to write my mission statement. I will develop each of its components with an example of how I think I apply it.

🌍 Climate Friendliness

I need to consider all environmental impacts of the code I write: the hardware it runs on, the energy it requires, its purpose for the people running it.

Example. I work for Memo Bank, a bank for small and medium-sized companies, that prioritizes in a no bull-shit way the transition to a low carbon economy. It has been recognised as such by Reclaim Finance, and is one of the recommended banks on their website Change de banque.

🤝 Human Friendliness

I prioritise security and user experience, in that order, to promote the well-being of end-users. It involves creating software that is intuitive, inclusive, and positively impacts users’ lives.

Example. I feel that it was my main motivations to start running the Statium Newsletter, a minimalistic soccer newsletter written in French that focuses solely on the game. It filters out the noise from meaningless controversies, poor journalistic practices, invasive advertisement and poor user experience of alternative sources. As of today, has a perfect score of 100 in Performance, Accessibility, Best Practices and SEO with Lighthouse.

⚡ Mastery

I want to continuously get better at my craft. Software is never “done”. A skillset is never complete. I want to keep engaging on how to be a better programmer, a better team member, and a better person.

Example. I think a good practice of mastery is balancing being very curious with just what it needs of focus. I wrote about why side-projects are so important to me in the past: my curiosity is satisfied and the new things I learn have many positive impacts on my job at Memo Bank.

🌐 IndieWeb Friendliness

I support decentralised and people-focused technologies and products that help individuals to have greater control over their online presence and their data.

Example. I use RSS daily, I POSSE, I run a newsletter using Buttondown, my microblogging platform of choice is, I favor community-run or independant sources when I use links in my blog posts (examples: TMDB, Discogs, Sports Reference, etc.). I make my default apps public.

🕵️‍♂️ Big Corporation Cautiousness

I am curious of the ethical considerations of big companies when engaging with their products and technologies. I avoid those that compromise user privacy or promote monopolistic behavior.

Example. I stopped using Gmail, I don’t actively use Meta products or X. I am wary of AI products and try to use them as sparingly and ethically as possible.

🌱 Durability & Sustainability

I focus on the longevity and sustainability of the software I write. I want my code to run for a long time, I want my mind and body to remain healthy for as long as possible, and I want my online presence to live long.

Example. I pick dependencies to rely on very carefully and sparingly, I express gratitude towards Open-Source developers, I avoid and fix dead-links, I maintain a good work-life balance.


This mission statement serves as a guiding compass in my journey as a programmer, reminding me of the values and principles I hold dear. It is a commitment to creating software that not only meets the needs of the present but also contributes positively to the future.